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October 29, 2013 Comments Off on I Hate Football…Again personal

I Hate Football…Again

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Those of you that know me know that I have not always been a football fan, nor really a fan of organized sports in general.  Within the last few years I have gotten into playing fantasy football with some friends.  This has prompted me into a full on obsession.  I bought a new TV, got NFL Sunday Ticket, started reading fantasy blogs and listening to sports podcasts.  I am telling you it flipped me into some kind of crazy super fan.  I am tracking games while taking my kid to Disneyland, watching mobile highlights at stop signs, and all the other crazy fan things you can do to try and see that one perfect play, or that move that you know will be on the weeks highlight reel.  Well let me tell you something else…this also leads into the high stress, watching on the edge of your seat, yelling at the TV type of nights that you see in commercials.  Last night was one of those nights.

So I am leading my opponent by about 45 points going into Monday nights game.  I am still nervous about it since he has a considerable amount of players playing in this game, but I have a couple too, so I am still very hopeful.  Turns out I should have never watched the game.  It came all the way down to the last 4 seconds of the game with St Louis on the 2 yard line needing to get into the end zone to win over Seattle.  they tried twice and failed both times.  I couldn’t believe it.  With that one defensive block by Seattle I lost by 2 points.  This was the game I was relying on to save my football week.  I had already lost in my other league, the Redskins (my team) lost in Denver, I was really hoping for this win as it would have pushed me into first place in that league.  Instead I went to bed knowing that football completely let me down this week.  Damn.

All of this combined bring me to the fact that I hate football again.  At least for another 2 days.  Then I’ll be back at it in true fan fashion.  Hail To The Redskins.


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