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October 19, 2013 Comments Off on Changes to be Made personal

Changes to be Made

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Change.  Everyone does it.  It could be minor changes in the way that we get ready for the day, or it could be major changes in the way we view life or the things around us.  I think change is good for the most part.  Even if in the beginning it doesn’t seem that way.  It is an inevitable part of life that we can’t avoid no matter how much we try.  I think the key, at least for myself, is to embrace change in a way that is beneficial to my life.  I have goals, things that I am striving for, ways that I want to see my life and the life I provide for my daughter be better than it is, or progress in a positive manner.  I want to travel more, show my daughter that there is more to be seen and do outside of our immediate existence.

As I sit here writing this post, drinking a beer, my kiddo is sleeping the night away tucked in her bed.  It warms my heart knowing that she is sleeping soundly, in a bed, without any of the heavy thoughts and feelings that I think many people have to deal with.  I am so thankful that I am able to provide the things that she needs.  I have no arrogant thoughts that I am the only one providing these.  She has a loving mother that provides for her, and I get plenty of help from family and friends with needs both big and small.  I’m just glad that is works out for her that way.  I have seen many people around me who are not as fortunate as I am in their situations.  It makes me all the more thankful for my situation and knowing that it could be worse.  Even at the worst times, it’s never really been all that bad, nothing that I couldn’t deal with anyway.  But it also motivates me to be a better person for myself and for her.  In an extremely positive way.

Change is good.  I want to embrace change, and create change.  Change that will keep me moving forward and show my daughter that anything is within her grasp if she wants it.  I want to support her, to create the type of environment that keeps her knowing that she will always have that support, from me, her mother, and others that are involved in her life.  I guess I want to be a positive example to her, and in that I have to keep myself positive in the things I strive for and want in my life.


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