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August 21, 2013 Comments Off on There Is a Mouse in My House!! adventures

There Is a Mouse in My House!!

mouse trap

So, I went to grab a dish towel to dry my hands off after doing some dishes on this fun-filled night and found mouse shit, and dog food in the drawer where I keep the pristine dish towels.  As you can imagine I found this atrocious and decided then and there that something had to suffer the consequences of this egregious invasion of my domain.  Needless to say it is some sort of being that does not belong dwelling in my house.

I am all for animal rights and fully support vegetarians and vegans (although I love eating animal flesh especially #bacon) but as I am supposed to respect these critters environments, my house is definitely not one of them.  The rodent in question has no idea I am coming after him, nor will I tip him off.  He can enjoy his dog food and warm bed for now, but if my determination and Amazon Prime account have anything to say about it, he/she will soon be part of a sticky trap or some other capture-with-no-hope-of-release trap that I can find and implement.  Yes I can be demented…but it’s warranted at this point.  It’s either the trap or the shotgun, and I prefer to keep my house hole free if possible…I am not apposed to the shotgun method if necessary.

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